mardi 9 mars 2010

Article à lire : « Yes, Multiple Top Level Domain Names Add to Confusion »

Bien qu’il soit un peu succinct, ce petit billet de Andrew Allmann posté sur Domain Name Wire a le mérite de jeter un pavé dans la marre. L’idée défendue par l’auteur est simple : la création de nouveau Top Level Domain names (TLD) accroit le risque de confusion. Question très intéressante au regard de l’actualité. Le débat est ouvert !

This morning I read Wired’s article on ICANN, which discusses new top level domain names.
It quotes David Farber saying “I don’t think that [adding new TLDs] creates innovation. I think that creates rapid confusion.”
Antony Van Couvering with new TLD service provider Minds + Machines, responded in the comments:
There’s no evidence whatever that people will be confused by new top-level domains. We already have more than 270 top-level domain today (all the gTLDs and ccTLDs) and no-one seems to be confused. People are smart and adaptable and quickly gravitate toward Internet services that improve their lives…
Really? Look, I agree with a lot of what Antony has to say about new TLDs, but to say that no one seems confused by having more than one top level domain name is just bunk.

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